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Get rid of those nasty baby odours and unwanted moisture by using an environmentally friendly solution – NaturzAire!

Many air fresheners pump chemicals into the air that you breathe in to your lungs, and so does your baby. That's not how NaturzAire cleans the air around you. By using certified organic cotton that doesn't contain or use any human-made chemicals, CFCs or fragrances, NaturzAire products attract odours and unwanted moisture, retaining them in the fabric. You can then expel the unwanted odors by simply heating the NaturzAire cotton in the sun for a day. That's it!

Other ways that NaturzAire cares about your health and being positive for your environment:

  • Our products are free of fire retardants and other chemical treatments.
  • Our packaging is made from recycled plastic.
  • The paper material we use us 100% post-consumer waste, non-chlorine bleached and processed in part from energy generated by wind power.
  • Most NaturzAire products can be re-used again and again. Our facilities are operated in an environmentally conscious matter. We take care to eliminate unnecessary waste and reduce energy consumption.

Heat from the sun for a day (or a microwave at medium setting for only 5 minutes) will release the odours and moisture from the granules so that they can be REUSED OVER and OVER AGAIN!

How it Works:

POSITIVELY charged odours are attracted by the NEGATIVELY charged granules where they get trapped (ionically) in the millions of cavities inside the granules.

The NaturzAire™ family of products contain a naturally occurring volcanic mineral. We do not add any chemicals or fragrances. The products are scent-free, effective and safe to use around children, pets, and persons with asthma or chemical sensitivities.

2 pouches (appox 2x3 each)